About Us

In 2013 Long Island Vaporium set a new standard in vaping. We as quitters ourselves developed a comfortable & friendly place to help you to achieve a TOBACCO FREE life that feels great and tastes great too!


Get the Best e-juices around!

If you are looking to switch it up or just grabbing an old favorite,

Long Island Vaporium has over 100 e-juices, and over 25 top quality American made brands (ISO certified). Drop in, & check out our menu, we'll even let you sample as many as you’d like!


High-quality atomizers and mods available

When you need a top-quality atomizer or you are looking for mods and accessories to add to your current vaping device, we can help you. Let us customize your mods by changing the coils to suit your specific vaping needs and preferences.


Please feel free to...

explore our website or better yet come to visit us in person at our shoppe and let us help you find the perfect products for you!